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    Root Ancestors

    Documents providing background on Ontario M¨¦tis Root Ancestors.?

    Daniels v. Canada

    Read more about the Daniels v. Canada Federal Court Case.

    AGA 2019

    26th?MNO AGA will take place August 23 - 25 in Sault Ste. Marie


    Read the final report of the MNO Commission on?M¨¦tis Rights and Self-Government.


    Framework Agreement on M¨¦tis Harvesting

    Another milestone in the M¨¦tis hunt for justice.

    Read more

    The MNO has launched the Registry and Self-Government Readiness Process.

    Historoc M¨¦tis Communities

    Ontario and the MNO's collaborative work identifies historic M¨¦tis communities in Ontario

    MNO Employment in Energy Project

    The energy sector in Ontario is looking for Indigenous women to work in the trades.?

    MNO Swag

    Quality products inspired by the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose.

    MNO Youth Wellness Engagement Tool

    Self-guided on-line tool to encourage M¨¦tis youth to think about wellness.?

    M¨¦tis Voyageur Development Fund

    Information about the M¨¦tis Voyageur Development Fund.

    How to Apply for MNO Citizenship

    Follow this step-by-step?guide
    to apply for MNO citizenship.